Meet NY Fashion Week’s Eco Match!

What better time to start talking about fashion that gives back than Fashion Week, one of the most celebrated (and stressful) times of the fashion-world year? Before I introduce you to NY Fashion Week’s eco match, I thought it would be worthwhile to give an overview of this blogs purpose…

There is no doubt that fashion has made an inevitable mark on our culture, especially in New York City. For those who are fashion-savvy and “in-the-know” it probably comes as no surprise that the glamorous world of shoes, handbags, and ready-to-wear, doesn’t always get the most positive buzz. But in the past few years a new trend has emerged,prompting me to have nothing but praise for the fashion industry. Lately, it seems that fashion’s finest have decided to give back. From eco-conscious design to fair-trade organizations, the geniuses behind the most beautiful garments and accessories have certainly stepped up their game. So what is the end result? Products that are not only sustainable and eye-catching, but whose profits benefit a whole slew of charitable organizations and communities-in-need.

So now that you have something to be excited about (I am too!), keep your calendar open because The GreenShows are coming to NYC this weekend. That’s right, it’s Eco Fashion Week too and you’re invited to come out and celebrate the three day long endeavor committed to fashions that give back, whether they are fair-trade, or eco-conscious.


A Recycled Dress From Study, Shown at The 2009 GreenShows


It’s bound to be a memorable event, with collections from Samantha Pleet, Lavuk, and Susan Cianciolo, on the roster. So if you can, escape the madness over at Lincoln Center and head down to the Metropolitan Pavilion for your daily dose of fashion with an environmental flare—-I’ll see you there!


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