Susan Cianciolo Kicks Off Eco-Fashion Week!

Just about two hours ago, Susan Cianciolo kick started The Green Shows over on the West side of 18th Street. Lucky me I scored a front row seat! The vibe was definitely different from what you see at the tents. It was way more relaxed and prior to the show, friendly servers handed out eco-friendly, heart-healthy treats. I’m talking mini luna bars, falafel, and vitamin water. I also caught a sneak peak at some cute environmentally sound accessories, including colorful watches from Sprout.


Sprout Watches


Overall the show was very much unlike anything I have ever seen before. The clothing had an African flare with textured fabrics, flat sandals, and hints of colorful prints. Every model had her own unique look and they ranged in age from about 6 years old to 40 years old. Each hand-crafted piece delivered a special spiritual message.


Models Joined Hands


The most memorable look featured a jacket with “love” embroidered onto the back. Coming down the runway, the model looked quite simple in a structured blazer and loose fitting trousers. When she turned around I was totally surprised to see the intricate detailing. As I was leaving the show I couldn’t stop thinking about that one jacket.


Simple and Refined In The Front



Amazingness In The Back


Simply put, I loved it.

The Green Shows continue thru Tuesday, September 14th at the Metropolitan Pavilion.


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