Fashion Even Gives Back Over Seas

Overseas, it looks as though Emma Watson is not the only Brit that has swapped out her high fashion wardrobe for an eco-friendly replacement. With mere days until Fashion Week moves in to take storm on the streets of London (September 17-22), the Environmental Justice Foundation has been hard at work rounding up the most eco-chic designers. Not only will these British fashion gurus show their latest collections at Fashion Week, but they have also teamed up to create a series of fair-trade T-shirts in one of the largest non-profit stints that the country has seen.


Alice Temperley's T-Shirt Design Worn By Devon Aoki


So which designers have decided to participate? Go ahead, rattle off your favorite names in British fashion, and you are bound to come up with a few—but I’ve decided to give you some hints; think Christian Lacroix, Alice Temperley, Giles Deacon, and Luella. And, if you need more of a reason to get your hands on one of these special tees (aside from the fact that a girl can never have too many), I have a some of those up my sleeve as well;

1. The shirts are made with sustainable materials in recognition of the fact that cotton is often taken for granted.

2. The collection’s aim is to reveal the unfathomable conditions of child laborers in Uzbekistan. At the ridiculously young age of 10, some of these children are forced to work in the cotton fields for no pay.


As of now the tees are only available at the Pop Eco Shop, a pop-up shop that recently opened in the shopping district of London. But those of us who live on the other side of the sea need not fret because the tees can be purchased on Pop Eco’s online shop! And at just $38, you may as well get more than one. Happy Eco-Shopping!


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