NYC’s FIT Has Gone Green

Listen up because it is time to mark your calendars. The fantastic and always fascinating Fashion Institute of Technology is presenting, Eco-Fashion: Going Green, an exhibition at their in-house museum (which happens to be the only museum in NYC dedicated to the art of fashion).

Amazingly enough, the exhibit goes above and beyond when it comes to touching upon all aspects of Fashion That Gives Back. It features over 100 garments and accessories dating back to the mid-18th Century, which collectively present and explore fashion’s relationship to the environment. What is most exciting is that viewers get the chance to see the span of eco-fashion and its evolution over time. Not only are their objects from the most modern of eco-fashion labels, such as Edun and Bodkin, but there is also a silk brocade gown from 1760!

FYI, silk happens to be a very significant aspect of the eco-fashion movement, as it has proved to be both sustainable and long-lasting. Not only does the exhibition’s incorporation of this vintage gown signify the quality of silk, but it also serves to recognize the craftsmanship that went into its manufacture. And you don’t have to worry about missing the chance to see it because the exhibition’s creators have set it as the show’s opener.

According to the FIT website,

“The garments and objects in Eco-Fashion: Going Green will reflect at least one of six major themes: the repurposing and recycling of materials, material origins, textile dyeing and production, quality of craftsmanship, labor practices, and the treatment of animals.”

So if you bask in the glory of present-day eco-fashion, I think it is safe to say that catching a glimpse at this exhibition is a MUST. I’ve already marked my calendar. Have you?

FIT’s Eco-Fashion: Going Green is on through November 13th. The Museum at FIT is located on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street. Admission is free.


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