Eco-Fashion Makes Front Page News

Last Tuesday, New York City was lucky enough to host The Green Catwalk Event, put on by the cat litter brand, Yesterday’s News. The brand has been known to use environmentally-sound methods of managing cat waste, which leads to the promotion of clean homes all over the country.

Four of our favorite eco-fashion designers were on tap—generating some industry buzz that some would be yearning to categorize as “front-page news”. Or as Ecouterre’s Jasmin Malik Chua put it,

“Sustainability in fashion is rarely a black-and-white issue, but for four leading ec0-fashion designers on Tuesday, all the news that’s fit to print was grist for a bold-faced makeover.”

Talk about creativity with words….


The Four Newspaper Designs


Anyhow, the four eco-stars included Samantha Pleet, Lara Miller, Bahar Shahpar, and Anthony Lilore of Restore Clothing. Asserting their design genius, the foursome presented original garments made entirely of reconstructed newspaper. And although it may be hard to imagine, these garments weren’t just your old, run-of-the-mill dresses and skirts. They actually looked more like works of art. Think perfectly structured bodices and lots of detail.

The designs were intended to promote Yesterday’s News as well as the Do-Gooder Design Challenge, which included an auction of the newsy cat-walk pieces on eBay. Proceeds went to four different charities chosen by the individual designers themselves.

So it looks like The Green Catwalk Event was a total success. If you ask me, there is nothing like an ec0-fashionable makeover to spruce up our age-old newspapers. With eco fashion on the front page, all that’s left to do is ‘start spreadin’ the news.’

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