Image Fest: The Ethical Fashion Show

Sadly, the lovely city of Paris has bid adieu to The Ethical Fashion Show, a tradition since 2004 in which a major effort has been made to bring ethical fashion to the forefront of the industry.

The show’s creator defines Ethical Fashion as anything that includes “economic, human and environmental aspects,” explaining that it is often “a mix of different choices and involves various production techniques, which makes light of the protection of people, their work conditions, the environment, and the ancestral skills.

Interestingly, all the designers that choose to participate in the show are required to fill in a questionnaire. If you ask me, that is a great idea. When forced to answer questions about Ethical Fashion, the truth comes out. And those designers who genuinely fit the description and the mission of The Ethical Fashion Show, truly emerge.

If you are anything like me, I am sure you regret not being able to jet-set over to Paris in order to catch a glimpse of the three-day event. But don’t be too sad because I decided to make today a fabulous Friday, by sharing a sneak-peak at the most fashionably, ethical designs.

Special thanks to The Vancouver Sun and Bertrand Langlois for Getty Images.

To see the rest of the images, click here.


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