EcoChic Asia Starts Today!

If by any chance you are an eco-fashion lover headed to Hong Kong, the stars have certainly aligned just for you. If you don’t happen to be one of the lucky few, just keep reading 🙂

Today marks the first day of EcoChic Asia’s eco and ethical fashion show! Set to take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, EcoChic Asia will showcase 29 fashion and accessory designers from 14 Asian countries. All or most of the designers have production roots in Asia, including names like Stella Chen from China and Suzuki Takayuki from Japan.

Lucky number 13 seems to be the theme of the fashion show, which will take place in two parts. The first one features 13 established ready-to-wear labels, of which the focus is the environmentally-friendly aspect of sustainable fashion. The second part centers on 13 eco-couture garments created for Green2greener, a charity established in 2007 that supports sustainable living in Hong Kong.

All of the designers taking part in the show have the desire to improve the environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry. Therefore they have devoted their work to using eco-textiles such as bamboo and organic silk, while also incorporating fair working conditions.

So it seems like the whole world is responding to the need for sustainable fashion. Keep up the good work!


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