Sustainable Fashion Steps Forward With Source4Style

There is no question that sustainable fashion is on the rise. Everyday a new eco-fashion designer emerges, ready and willing to take the fashion industry for an environmentally friendly ride.

The desire to create fashionable garments that make you feel good inside and out is certainly in the air. But one thing seems to stand in the way of success…


Enter Source4Style, an initiative started by our favorite eco-fashionista, Summer Rayne Oakes.

Source4Style is the premier online destination for designers and retailers on the hunt for the world’s leading sustainable materials. Its mission is to ultimately make sustainable design 100% possible.

In a recent article by Jonathan Bardelline of Greener World Media, Oakes explained,

“We can talk about sustainable design as much as we want, but if there is no infrastructure for people to search and buy sustainable materials, that won’t be a reality, or it will be a slower reality.”

Source4Style is very intricately set up—in order to get a fabric onto the site, a supplier has to fill out a long questionnaire that is than reviewed by a panel and chosen for the site. The questionnaire’s questions range in topic from farming processes to recycled content and fair-trade practices.

For the first month of Source4Style’s existence, it will be available to all who wish to see it. After that, only certain registered users will have access to certain levels of information.

All I know is that I give props to Summer Rayne Oakes and the rest of her team. I think that Source4Style may be the answer that eco-fashion designers have been looking for. One thing is for sure, eco-fashion design won’t be going away anytime soon.


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