Label Gazer Makes The Mark

Fashion That Gives BackEvery fashionista needs their daily fashion fix. I’m talking a great slideshow of images from a new collection, or a super savvy commentary on the latest industry trends. But what about a truly unique website that you can always count on day in and day out?

One thing is for sure, mainstream fashion has its share of forget-me-not websites, which provide breaking news and thrilling photos. My day is not complete unless I pay a visit to my favorites;, Refinery29, The Cut, Fashionista, Fashionologie, and Stylelist.

When it comes to fashion that gives back, only recently have intriguing websites begun to pop up on the Internet. Ecouterre and Treehugger are definite front-runners, but they are about to get a run for their money. It is time to welcome a relatively new website to the mix. Say hello to Label Gazer, which Treehugger likes to call “the of green fashion.”

Label Gazer provides a friendly platform upon which eco-fashionistas can browse green designers and sustainable collections, as well as make purchases. An added plus is that anyone can submit an item to the site’s database. This is perfect because you can be a spectator and a contributor without the bat of an eyelash.

So that means there is only one thing left to do. Add Label Gazer to your computer’s bookmark bar. Unless of course, it’s already there.


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