Meet Eco-Fashion Innovator: SANS

On a Saturday morning, Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Label cafe was bustling with people. As I sat face-to-face with Eliza Starbuck, the Ohio native and founder of Bright Young Things, I felt as though I had met the epitome of a sustainable fashion designer. Not only was she decked out in an inspiring, head-to-toe thrift store look, but she also had a boundless amount of knowledge to share.

(Did you accidentally miss out on reading my Bright Young Things post? Check it out here.)

Starbuck told me all about her fashion industry past and her mission to change mainstream fashion. She explained her design inspiration her long-term goal of establishing a brand of “recycled couture“.

“My mission is really about reaching out to people and inspiring them to be fabulous, but in a responsible manner.”

In addition to talking about her own endeavors, she greatly acknowledged the work of sustainable fashion’s other innovative geniuses. One in particular was Lika Volkova, the founder of SANS, an eco-fashion label that is unlike any other. While the eco and sustainability calling has led some designers to pick up hemp, linen, and organic cotton, Volkova has decided to take a new approach.

SANS is all about promoting home-sewing to reduce the garment industry’s energy consumption and waste. Volkova designs intricate pieces, but she only sells the patterns. Starbuck explained, that SANS encourages buying patterns even if you cannot sew. Ultimately it is more sustainable to take the pattern to a local tailor and have it produced locally with locally-sourced fabrics.

Sounds like an eco-fabulous plan, no?

To learn more about SANS, check out the video below. And if you can’t get enough of the Bright Young Things designer, visit her blog or the brand’s Facebook page!


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