The Down Side of Being “Too Clean”

One of our world’s harsh realities is that the fashion industry has not been kind to our environment. As eco and sustainable fashion gains momentum, we are becoming more and more aware of the detrimental impact that production and manufacturing, as well as unrealistic beauty standards have on our earth’s future.

So it may seem like old news to hear that the fashion industry incorporates toxic farming practices, unethical labor conditions, and wasteful production. However a few days ago, I learned something new when I spoke to Greta Eagan, the founder of Greta Guide and FashionMEGreen. She told me that the PRIMARY CONTRIBUTOR OF CO2 EMISSIONS WORLDWIDE is actually the USE PHASE of garments!

Interestingly enough, I woke up this morning to find an article, which elaborates on Greta’s very same point.

“However the toxed-up supply chain and endemic consumerism is only the beginning of the environmental tax extorted by our pretty second skins. Washing and drying clothes chews through the planets’ resources faster than any other life cycle stage. Leading sustainable fashion experts, Kate Fletcher, Helen Lewis, and John Gertsakis cite the use phase of garments as having the biggest environmental impact.”

How interesting is that? I certainly never realized how detrimental the use phase could be. The article further explained that we are now at the stage where the average American household does 392 loads of washing per year. WOAH! This tendency to be almost “too clean,” wastes water, energy, and chemicals, while depleting our environment’s natural resources.

So the next time you go to throw your jeans in the washing machine, you may want to think twice. Plus, jeans always look better when they are a little dirty anyway, right?


One response to “The Down Side of Being “Too Clean”

  1. Love your article Jessica, and as a side note when you dry clean your jeans they last longer. 😉 Check out my interview with an eco-friendly dry cleaner to learn more about this:

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