Shared Talent India Makes An Effort For Sustainable Design

I first learned about the London College of Fashion‘s Centre for Sustainable Fashion when I spoke to Greta Eagan, a graduate of the UK school. The CSF site explains its mission to

“connect research, education and business to support, inspire, and create innovative approaches to fashion. We provoke, challenge and question the fashion status quo; through collaboration we design transforming solutions that balance ecology, society and culture.”

In 2009, Hannah Higginson started Shared Talent India, which provides a collective forum for likeminded designers to share their ideas about fashion and how they go about expressing their creative genius. The CSF shared their research resources, which enabled Higginson to take her forum a step further.

Today, Shared Talent India works with the Defra led Sustainable Clothing Roadmap and the Indian Government under the UK: India Sustainable Development Dialogue. The initiative works to bring new innovation and knowledge to the practice of sustainable design. So far they have 12 designers who are involved, both in the UK and in India, as well as undergraduate students from the London College of Fashion and other schools, Indian textile suppliers, and buyers. Together as a group they aim to

“innovate towards improved ecological, ethical, and cultural criteria in selecting and creating collections and to connect designers and buyers to sustainable textiles in India.”

This is so amazing. It reminds me a lot of what Summer Rayne Oakes is trying to do with Source4Style. Since India seems to be the source of an enormous percentage of textile production in the UK, there is a bound to be a large following and a positive impact. Keep up the beyond outstanding work!

To learn more, check out the Shared Talent India video.


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