A lot of good ideas emerge out of irritation and frustration.

For the masterminds behind Rags2Riches, a social business enterprise that produces high-end designer fashions and acessories, it was the social injustice and the horrid conditions in Payatas. As one of the Philippines’ largest dumpsites, Payatas is also home to hundreds of families living in heart-wrenching conditions.

Most individuals are in constant search for jobs, and most mothers are forced to stay at home to care for their children, while garbage piles up outside their doorstep.

But now, the Rags2Riches team has stepped in. Not only have they empowered the women in the poor community by providing them access to the market, but they have also recycled scraps discarded by garment factories, in order to create new (and beautiful!) pieces in a process that they call “upscaling“.

Rags2Riches is the perfect example of fashion that gives back. It promotes advocacy, sustainability, marketability, and the prospect of an environmentally-friendly future for the fashion industry!

Keep it up Rags2Riches—you provide an inspiration to us all 🙂


One response to “Rags2Riches

  1. Hi Jessica! =) Thank you so much for featuring Rags2riches in your blog! I am now going to follow our articles. Amazing discoveries and an even more amazing cause! keep it up!

    We will keep you posted on our future events (we have lots coming up!)


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