Barneys NY Says Goodbye to Fashion Director and Sustainability Advocate

Over the past few months I have really developed a liking for Barneys VP and Fashion Director, Julie Gilhart. Not only does she have great style and a free spirit, but she also spear-headed some major gap-bridging between the sustainable and mainstream fashion industries. For those of you who missed out, Gilhart even spoke out about sustainability at FIT just about two weeks ago.

That being said, I was quite shocked and confused when I came across this article on, which explains that Gilhart is to be replaced by Daniella Vitale, a Gucci rep and former colleague of Mark Lee, the CEO of Barneys. With the need to know more, I quickly googled ‘Julie Gilhart, Barneys‘ and sure enough two more articles came up, proving that this was not just another fashion industry rumor.

Julie is headed out and she is supposedly moving on to a consulting job. Fashionista explains,

“We’re not worried about Julie—she’ll certainly make plenty of money consulting, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she opens her own branding firm.”

As for her sustainability project, all we can do is hope that she continues to spread her expertise and forward thinking with the hard work that she does at her new post. I am certainly thankful for everything that Julie has done so far. Who knows if brands like Loomstate, Rogan, John Patrick Organic, Alabama Chanin and even Monique Pean, would have ever hit the Barneys floor (let alone the windows), had it not been for Gilhart.

Personally I feel that Julie will continue to produce great work and push forward with the effort to expand the sustainability movement to mainstream fashion. So I guess for now this is a total loss for Barneys. What do you guys think?


One response to “Barneys NY Says Goodbye to Fashion Director and Sustainability Advocate

  1. Hmmm. I think you should call her up and ask her and then let us know what she says.

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