WWD Explains Rebranding of Simple Shoes

While scouring the web’s most coveted fashion sites, I came across this article on WWD’s Footwear News. It seems that Simple Shoes, the brand known for its sustainable kicks, has undergone an intelligent rebranding.

WWD highlighted an important message from the brand’s President, Peter Worley,

“Our challenge is to broaden that eco-friendly message and make it more palatable to a broader audience, and create a brand message that is more welcoming, not shouting, ‘You’re a bad person if you don’t wear eco-friendly shoes.”

This was chillingly similar to something that Julie Gilhart, Barneys’ Fashion Director, said last week. She explained that Barneys insists on luring customers with the product design and the “front story” first, and than the “back story” comes later. Basically, in order for sustainable fashion to win a customer over, the product design has to be stellar—and that is first and foremost. Only once a customer is intrigued by a product can the sustainable story unravel. Gilhart warned that back stories and the desire to be “green” can often turn the customer off.

So in this case, it seems like Simple Shoes is taking a step or a re-step in the right direction! I certainly think Julie Gilhart would approve.


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