So You Wanna Be Sustainable?

There is nothing that I love more than when I find out that more people are getting involved in the sustainable fashion movement. So when I came across the Sustainability at FIT page on the institute’s webpage, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The site explains,

“There is an active and diverse group within the FIT community working together to incorporate sustainability into all that we do. This group is involved in a wide variety of activities, among them is a yearly conference on Sustainable Business and Design.”

How amazing is that? However—there is more!

FIT also has a Sustainability Council, which has announced a call for sustainability grant applications for this coming spring semester. They are set to award 3 grants of $5,000 in order to push the FIT/SUNY initiative “FIT Goes Green: Infusing Sustainability Into our Culture.”

If you are itching to learn more about sustainability, FIT also has an amazing selection of courses from Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Packaging, to Sustainable Fashion Merchandising and Ecology and the Built Environment. The courses are taught by some of the school’s outstanding faculty members, including Sass Brown, Johanna Tellado, Lisa Donofrio-Ferrezza, and Robert Vassalotti.

With such an outstanding devotion to the sustainable fashion movement, FIT leaves no excuse to forgo getting involved in such an amazing mission. What are you waiting for? Get involved—and I will be sure to save you a seat in class 😉


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