Q&A With Tree Hugger’s Graham Hill

Every now and again you come across people who exhibit an extreme level of creativity, dedication, and innovation. In exercising my passion for fashion that gives back, I feel as though this is happening more and more.

For those who have an interest in anything eco, be it fashion, food, or technology, Tree Hugger is most probably a house hold name. But what about the force behind the scenes?

Meet Graham Hill, Tree Hugger’s founder and the vice president of Interactive Media. With a laundry list of interests as varied as the nationalities on the streets of New York City, it is no wonder that Hill is the mastermind behind a site we’ve all come to love.

Just the other day I stopped Mr. Hill in his tracks, to ask him a few questions. Check them out below.

1. First off, I would like to know a little bit about you. If you were in an elevator, what would you say to someone who wished to know your background info.

“I come from a design background but am very much an entrepreneur. I love building things, particularly environmentally or socially progressive things.”

2. What inspired you to start Tree Hugger?

“There seemed to be a lot of sites that were about “No!” and inspired by fear, I thought we needed some “Yes!” and inspire by hope. And a modern, design oriented place where the amazing green future could be tried on. A place to inspire. A place to bring the amazing stuff out there into one place.”

3. Are you eco-friendly in other aspects of your life?

“More than most. But I fly…”

4. What sets Tree Hugger apart from other websites of similar nature?

“There are many similar now. We have a great team and are very prolific and a well oiled machine at this point, with a lot of experience.”

5. If you could describe Tree Hugger’s mission in one phrase, what would it be?

“Drive Green into the mainstream.”

6. From reading about you on Tree Hugger’s about me section, I see that you have a wide array of interests. How do you channel those interests into your work as the Founder of Tree Hugger and the Vice President of Interactive Media?

“Hmmm. Not sure. I enjoy it?”

7. If you can recall, could you tell me what steps you took to set up Tree Hugger?

“Concept. Name. Build site. Push.”

8. Were there any challenges or road blocks that got in the way of this process?

“Not too many. It went pretty smoothly. The timing was good and I had a fair amount of Internet experience and a great team.”

9. What sets Tree Hugger apart from other websites?

“Our team.”

10. What would you say are the three key factors that make a successful media business?

“Great content. Unique and/or fast. A decent sized audience that people want to reach and a team that can sell. Good Technology.

11. What three factors are key in becoming a successful media entrepreneur, like yourself?

“Love the area. Solid business skills. Sense of urgency.”

12. Do you use any self-marketing tools to spread Tree Hugger’s following?

“Tons. Rss, Twitter, Facebook, reaching out, good writing for search, play well with others.”

13. What are your long term goals when it comes to your online media presence?

“Tree Hugger 2020. It’s a great platform that has an effect. We want to keep it going and grow the audience. And ideally move people to action.”

14. What is next for you?

“LifeEdited.org is my current side project.”

14. What advice would you give to someone that was interested in starting their own website?

“Media is tough. Be setup to have a long time to experiment.”


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