Fashion That Gives Back Will See You Soon!

This post was definitely the hardest post to push myself to write….I am sorry to say that Fashion That Gives Back will be taking a short hiatus. For the next few months I will be devoting most of my waking hours to writing a thesis on the sustainable fashion movement!

Thank you all for your kind words and your support. For those fabulous individuals, including designers, experts, eco-advocates, editors, and consultants, who have contributed their time and expertise to the makings of this blog and to my research, I cannot express how amazing it has been to spend time in your presence and get to know your inspirational stories.

I hope that all readers have gained a better understanding of this most intriguing and down-right fascinating  realm that I like to call Fashion That Gives Back!

See you soon!


One response to “Fashion That Gives Back Will See You Soon!

  1. I just found your blog today, sorry to hear you’ll be away soon! I was looking for an eco-researcher a few months ago, too bad I didn’t know of you then.

    Btw, if it helps your thesis, you can use this report I made on the business of green fashion to show you some interesting avenues to look at. It focuses on the business and profitability end:

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