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Vogue Highlights “Runway to Green”

I usually start my day with breakfast and blogging. Aside from updating ‘Fashion That Gives Back,’ I love getting up to date with all the fashion news that seems to happen overnight!

Some of my favorite reads include the eco-fashion greats such as Ecouterre, Ecco*Eco, Goodlifer, and EcoSalon, as well as mainstream fashion sites such as Refinery29, Vogue.com, Bazaar.com, and TheCut.

What makes me most ecstatic is when these two streams mesh—-for example, just last week Vogue.com covered Runway To Green in their Style Ethics column—and honestly it was the first time I had ever heard of this amazing program.

Set to launch in late March, Runway to Green has gathered some of the fashion industry’s best and brightest in an effort to raise money for the environment.

So far about 25 fashion brands have been recruited to create an exclusive item or donate a piece from Fall 2011 as part of a curated collection to be sold in select stores around the world.

Runway to Green, which funds the National Resources Defense Council, has made a vow to include only those designers who have or will be making a commitment to take on and learn about sustainable practices developed by the NRDC’s Clean by Design project.

According to Vogue.com,

“everyone from Yves Saint Laurent, Manolo Blahnik, Alexander Wang, and Burberry have jumped on board. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to Runway to Green.”

The program kicks off alongside Christie’s “Bid to Save the Earth” event in NYC, with an A-list party hosted by Vogue, Salma Hayek, and the Rockefellers.

Not too shabby, eh?


Take a Trip to Kaight NYC!

One of the best things about New York City is that amongst all the skyscrapers, construction, and food trucks, there are hidden gems that provide a much needed breath of fresh air to the congested city streets.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Kaight, an eco-boutique dedicated to advancing the image of green fashion. The store was opened by Kate McGregor and it stocks the best sustainable designers from the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

I was super impressed by the store’s aesthetic—-everything was neatly placed and beautifully showcased. There were racks of to-die-for coats, sweater, pants, and dresses, from the likes of eco-design stars Samantha Pleet, Stewart Brown, Linda Loudermilk, and Camilla Norrback, plus loads more, who deserve to be recognized and praised.

Ultimately, Kaight serves customers with the urge to make ethical purchases, however one step inside the quaint little shop will turn any fashionista green in no time.

Can’t get enough of Kaight? Be sure to check out the new store location in Brooklyn too! It just opened at 382 Atlantic Avenue.

The Lower East Side location is 83 Orchard Street, between Broome and Grand.